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Our BBQ Cleaning system will remove all visible traces of grease and fat PLUS we’ll get into all of those awkward areas of the BBQ that you don’t see! We only use premium grade, biodegradable products in our BBQ Grill cleaning service to achieve the highest possible standards.

The removable parts of your grill including the grill racks, flavorizer bars and heat plates will be deep cleaned .We’ll then degrease the hood, wire catch pan, control knobs and drip pans.

Most grills can be thoroughly cleaned by our standard rate, but if your grill is in very poor condition some extra time may be required to get your grill cleaned to our arduous specifications. Please contact us for a quote. Repairs are priced separately.

We also clean and inspect all of the following parts:

  • NRotisserie racks
  • NIgniters
  • NBurners
  • NPressure Regulator
  • NVenturi tubes

Our process removes harmful carcinogens from your grill that build up over time that can be passed onto food while cooking.

On our visit MR. GRILL GUARDIANS will provide the following:

Complete degreasing of:
  • Hood
  • Control knobs
  • Drip pans
  • Rotisserie racks
We deep clean:
  • Grill racks
  • Heat plates
  • Flavorizer bars
We will inspect:
  • Burners
  • Igniters
  • Rotisserie racks
  • Pressure regulator

We also do minor repairs and replacements of items such as igniters, burners, and control knobs.

Our products are:





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